The Skymountain Cronicles

Caravan of heroes - Chapter 3:Through the Tower Deeps

December 8th-15th

Shortly after arriving in the towers depths themselves, Kronk, Thorgrim and Godfrey hear an ominous sound, that of a another falling transit cube. Throwing themselves at the wall as quickly as possible, Godfrey fails to traverse the distance quickly enough, and falls under the weight of the cube with a sickening crunch. Waiting a moment to ensure that no further cubes were incoming, Kronk and Thorgrim approach the cube and cautiously activate the mechanism holding the cube together. As the walls fall apart, a rather confused looking Genasi emerged from it. Holding a rugged stick in hand, sparking with light, he introduces himself as Grayze, a follower of the natural ways. Making a swift decision, Thorgrim decides there’s no reason to not work with him until otherwise given reason and they decide to simply work their way out as quickly as possible.

By the light of the sparking wand, they notice a set of giant bronze doors to the west, adorned with friezes explaining the history of the region, they open the doors. Within the room, which they quickly realize is a crypt, they find mere brittle bones, and that of a man in a chair, with a crown on his head. Removing the crown from the head, the doors slam shut, and the bones animate. A series of ghostly guardians, dressed in some form of imperial regalia, arise from the grounds, and attack the party in the confined quarters. Due to luck and the liberal use of force, the skeletons were reduced to bones time after time, and one wraith removed from existence rather quickly. As the second wraith attempts to escape, Grayze’s lightning flow obliterates the wraith in the stone it stood in, removing its threat for the future.

After checking the room quickly, they determine the secret to the door and the animation spell, and escape through the doors with their prize: The Crown. Moving south through the corridor, they find a second room, small and seemingly a lab. With 2 suits of armor situated in the corners of the room, the party notices a glowing obsidian blade in the middle of the room. Interested in it, Grayze picks it up off the table and places it into a leather thong; which set off some latent enchantment on the Armor’s. As they animate, the doors yet again slam shut, sealing the group in the tiny lab. The armor however faces very little threat, and the armor is quickly disposed of.

Continuing down the Corridor, they come to a standing pool of water. A quick examination of the pool reveals the existence of a series of spikes at the bottom of the water. Knowing the dwarf would never be able to make the jump, kronk attempts a leap to a spiral staircase to the south-west, and barely lands with his hands holding onto the ledge. The moment his finger pass the threshold however, the portcullis above slams down, crushing his fingers and seemingly blocking the doorway. Activating a teleport power, Grazye teleports behind the portcullis and hefts it above is head, allowing Kronk to gain his feet, and throw a rope to Thorgrim, pulling him to safety.

Exploring the stairwell, they find door at the top of the entry; which quick examination reveals is magically sealed. Lowering the portcullis, the party settles in for a rest, somewhat content to know this area is atleast secure; if not safe.

After Action Report
Kronk is not feeling well, and is loosing his hair, making his ears seem big and leathery. He wish he was out of this muddy hole and in the sun.

Slain: Total XP 1400 / 3 = 467 for Kronk, Thorgrim & Grazye

  • Wraith 200xp
  • Phantom Warriors 2 × 350xp = 700
  • Decrepit skeletons 6x 25xp = 150
  • Animated Armor 2x 150xp = 300
  • porticulus trap / challenge = 50


  1. Ornate gold circlet, with 2 rubies (a 3rd missing – seach failed to locate), 100 + 2×500 = 1100 gp – Kronk
  2. Ritual(?) Magic Obsidian Dagger (strong but evil magic feel)+1 Lifedrinker L5 – Grazye
  3. Bag of 8 faintly magic beans, each with different small symbol – Thorgim
  4. Old rusty dented shield (not magic). Cleaning reveal silver inset “trifoil-knot” seen on bronze door archway – party decided it was shield of old Bissel Kings and kept it – Kronk

Journal entries in characters voice (5 gets you pick of magic item @ level)
Kronk 3
Thorgrim 2
Grazye 1



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