The Skymountain Cronicles

The Evils of Haranshire: Peril on the River

From Tordek’s Journal: Magic Powder
As if we haven’t made the return trip to visit Tauster enough times, we needed a vial of magic powder to complete the magical item for the goblins. We made it back to Baron Carman with little problem, but on the way back Thorgrim noticed something in the water, which turned out to be a messenger crow. I don’t know how he ever saw it at such a distance. Not only that, but Kronk was able to retrieve the water logged note from it, still intact.

Before we were able to fully gather our wits with this new problem, a hail of arrows and fire rain down on the boat, with one hitting me square in the eye! I couldn’t see a thing and I didn’t want to be hit again, so I jump into the water. It turns out Thorgrim had the same idea and it turned out to be a good one. We dispatch what turns out to be a zombie under the boat and I am able to use the time to recover my strength.

We storm out onto the shore into a right mess. Bolts of magic and wood are flying every which way. The tides turn now that we are in melee, but we are unable to catch the spell caster. I hear a shout about Oleanna being injured. It’s at this point that I notice that the Deva that was with us is now gone, and so is our boat. Rushing to help stop Oleanna’s bleeding, I realize that my companions make up for their amazing skills with some piss poor ones. I admit I could not help either, but somehow under all the scraps we bound around her wounds, she continues to breathe.

After we drop off the Druid with Kuiper and finally deliver the magical powder, I go with Kronk to scout the forest for the missing mage. We come up with no useful information and return just in time to meet up with Thorgrim and Tauster on his way to the Count’s keep for dinner.

- Tordek

After Action Report

  • Party is bringing Residium from Baron Carman to Tauster, after trading Ring to Carman.
  • Party discovers dead Crow in river with message from Tauster asking for help – apparently he is not paranoid, someone is spying / scrying him.
  • Party is ambushed and nearly dies, with the Nameless Deva disappearing.
  • Oleanna and her wolves saves party, who in turn saves Oleanna from dying at the very last second. Some of attackers escape, 2 archers / brigands do not.
  • Tauster has guard dogs, and is protected by Torgrim while working on magic picknic basket.
  • Oleanna, Kuiper, and rest of party follows bandit tracks towards North-Center part of woods, but no sign of lair or missing Deva.
  • Tauster and party are invited to dinner at Count Palfrey’s by his son Lyntern

Total 775, split Kronk, Thorgrim & Tordak = 258 each

  1. 2 bandits @125 = 250 xp
  2. 1 zombie = 125 xp
  3. driving off bandits (minor quest) 200 xp
  4. save Oleanna (minor quest) 200 xp


  1. 8 sp, 23 coppers
  2. 2 short bows
Character Journal XP Total
Kronk 0 5,842 + 258 = 6,100
Thorgrim 1 5,842 + 258 = 6,100
Tordek 1+1=2 5,062 + 258 = 5,320

(5 Journal entries in character’s voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)

The Evils of Haranshire: Mystery of the New Mire

Add journal entry here in characters voice – 5 entries gets choice of magic @ level

After Action Report

  • Party searches for clues regarding the growing New Mire
  • Party is attacked by Worg and saves farmer and his son who were helping them investigate.
  • That evening in the small farming hamlet of Harlaton they learn of mysterious blue giants seen by a shepherd / bard wanna-be.
  • Locates hidden lair of goblins with blue painted faces and tattoo (circle with two wavy lines). Goblins are lawful cowards, borderline starved because they are too afraid to bother local humans. Their Sherman has magic ring (same as tattoo symbol) which may be cause of mire.
  • Party surprisingly do not kill any goblins (Kronk missed ambush shot) and makes agreement to trade ring for food generating magic.
  • Tauster the wizard confirms ring is of water elemental command, but has flaw and slowly leaks water onto prime material plane. Party wants Tauster to make food creating magic item to trade between goblins and Carman for ring (pointing out a controlled water leak can be a boon for farming).
  • Baron Carman agrees to measure New mire over next few weeks and if shrinking pay 1000gp bonus.

Total 1750 xp. Shared by Kronk, Thorgrim & Tordek: 583 each

  1. Worg 400 xp
  2. Level 5 goblin encounter 1150 xp
  3. Minor Quest bonus for non-evil characters not slaying harmless goblins 200 xp


  1. Malfunctioning ring of water elemental command
Character Journal XP Gained XP Total
Kronk 0 583 5,842
Thorgrim 1 583 5,842
Tordek 1 583 5,062
Nameless Deva 1 0 4,330
Thorovar 0 0 3,946

(5 Journal entries in characters voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)

Kronk and Thorgrom have advanced to 5th level

The Evils Of Haranshire: Creeping Along Hog Brook

Add journal entry here in characters voice – 5 entries gets choice of magic @ level

After Action Report

  • Oleanna will track Orcs, but asks a fox to show party where it saw Maxim the Werebear hiding
  • Party and Kuiper finds wounded Maxim and subdues him (among bodies of dead orc’s that attacked him), then Kuiper returns him to parents farm (he changed to boy that morning).
  • Party returns to Millborne and learns of New Mire.
  • Lord Carman asks them to investigate New Mire (as favor they owe him). Gives room and board for 2 weeks at inn, and 10 gp for expences. He wants written report at end, with recomendations. Offers 1000gp for actually solving problem

Total 250 xp for subduing but not hurting (much) the Boy Werebeeer Maxim. Shared by Kronk, Thorgrim, Tordek ( and Kuiper): 63 each


  1. 10 gp for expenses
  2. Room and board for 2 weeks
Character Journal XP Gained XP Total
Kronk 0 63 5,259
Thorgrim 1 63 5,259
Tordek 1 63 4,479
Nameless Deva 1 0 4,330
Thorovar 0 0 3,946

(5 Journal entries in characters voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)

Evils of Haranshire - Chapter 1: Lured into darkness

The party reaches Millborne and hands Carlanis the bandit leader over to Garyld the Carpenter who also doubles a sheriff for Millborne’s Lord Carman. They learn that a female guest, Jelenneth, at the inn has gone missing (and Andren one of the innkeepers two sons is very worried and offers the party 17 gp to investigate). The party investigates and concludes she was kidnapped.

Tordek is sick and stays in bed at inn.

Next day Lord Carman holds court, and the party is joined by a Nameless Deva cleric of Pelor. Kronk accidentally kills the prisoner while interrogating him about the kidnapping. Lord Caram is not amused – but Kronk convinces him party will investigate for free and perform some favour for Lord Carman in future.
Party borrows a row boat travels to see wizard Tauster in Thurmaster, and delivers chest, getting counter signed letter for 480 gp.
Tauster want’s party to investigate Jelenneth’s disappearance – she is his apprentice. He asks them to take letter asking for help to Kuiper the Ranger who’s farm is between Thurmaster and Milborne. With Kuiper they decide to investigate the headwaters of Hog Brook where Jelenneth often collects herbs for magical components. Here they encounter the “wild lady of the forest” the druid Oleanna. A local farm boy appears to have turned into a were-bear, and Kuiper wants to help. Party decided to join him and Oleanna. That dawn, at camp, they are attacked by Orcs, with a “blood skull” symbol unknown to Kuiper (they are not from the Rock Dale)

feel free to add entry in you characters voice, embelishing the events

After Action Report

  • Namless Deva cleric joins party.
  • Kill prisoner and owes favor to Lord Carman in Millborne
  • Delivered chest to Tauster the wizard.
  • Promises to investigate kidnapping of Jelenneth, Tauster’s apprentice
  • Joins Kuiper the ranger and Oleanna the druid to save local boy who has turned were-bear. Attacked by Bloodskull orcs

Total 1,550 xp for everybody, and additional 400 for Thorgrim & Kronk

  • Deliver chest quest, 400 xp (Thorgrim & Kronk)
  • Investgate kidnapping skill challenge (partial success) 200 xp
  • Level 6 orc encounter ( eye of Grumesh, 2 orc berserkers, 4 orc warriors, 2 dire wolves ) 1350 xp


  1. Sell bandit equipment to Lord Carman 70 gp
  2. Deliver chest, letter of credit 480gp (cash with Squire Marlen)
  3. Magic shield (orc chief) L8 Shield of Defiance
  4. 2 potions of healing (orcs)
Character Journal XP Gained XP Total
Kronk 0 717 5,196
Thorgrim 1 717 5,196
Tordek 1 0 4,479
Nameless Deva 1 517 4,267
Thorovar 0 0 3,946

(5 Journal entries in characters voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)

Caravan of Heroes Chapter 3: The end of Evil

Kronk was still feeling the effects of Evil Taint Contagion which the temple of Pelor was unable to cure; his feet curling and turning inwards painfully, slowing him down. The party tried solving this puzzle but lacked the skills to do so, until stupendous use of diplomacy and gold was tried. Tordek drank heavily and expensively with Delvar Dragonslayer, a semi-retired dwarwen adventurer who suggested the sage Iccarus Irascius may help – he helped him and his friends identify a few odd trinkets from a dragon hoard.

On Delvar’s advice Tordek brought the best food and wine the best inn in town had to offer when going to see Iccarus (conveniently Delvar and Tordek was already drinking the best dwarwen ales the same inn had to offer – paid for with Tordek’s gold). Flattery, food, and diplomacy carried the day, and Iccarus agreed to help solve the intriguing puzzle which had stumped the entire temple of Pelor. While Kronk stayed at the temple “for his own protection” Iccarus questioned Tordek and Thorgrim (and continued eating the best food and wine the town had to offer).

The spreading of evil with physical symptoms in an almost contagion like manner is similar to little known events after the Skymountain Cataclysm some 300 years ago, and may have ultimately triggered the decline of the Kingdom of Keoland. Iccarus is happy to (insists on) explain after a “short” history lesson.

Skymountain Cataclysm: 300 or so years ago a fiery sky-mountain travelled across the northern sky and fell to the north, causing great fear, hitting hard enough to shake the very earth. The Skymountain hit the mountains north of Dim Forrest, creating the Valley of the Mage, but some believe smaller pieces fell further south. The shifting of the land also created and enlarged the Rushmore swamp, forcing the kings of Grand Marsh to abandon their ancestral home. This was followed by the 3 Year Winter causing much suffering hunger and death, and the 7 Years of Difficulties as Keoland was wreaked by the civil war when nobles fought for The Rainbow Throne of the empire. Some say this heralded the decline of Keoland – certainly the fortunes of Keoland and it’s nobles has been poor ever since. In the dark days that followed, the old noble houses of Bissel and Grand March felt betrayed by lack of support during The Difficulties. Wanting to leave the empire they revolted. Bissel succeed in leaving the empire (mainly because it was perceived as more trouble to defend than it was worth). Grand March was less fortunate and faced harsh reprisals becoming a Satrapcy rather than province of the empire with much of the nobility replaced by southern nobles who saw Grand March as a source of tax money, but not a place to live or govern well.

What only a few of the wisest sages know is that the emperor and his family started showing signs of great depravity, evil, and bizarre physical symptoms. When similar isolated events happened all over the south where black pieces of the Skymountain allegedly had fallen, rumours started that the magnificent “black crystal heart” jewelry that Ket had offered as wedding present to the emperor was fashioned from the heart of the Skymontain, that it was a piece of “solid evil given form”. No one knows what became of the black crystal heart during the civil war.

Iccarus hypothesize the obsidian dagger found by the party in the sunken keep in Rushmore is a piece of the Skymountain, and the cause of Kronk’s problems.

Despite Kronk’s reluctance to be parted with the dagger, the priests of Pelor performs a test – dropping the dagger into a vat of holy water, which immediately stats to steam and boil. The vat and dagger is quickly moved to the vaults of the temple for safe keeping, with mutterings of “embryonic evil artifact” from a quickly silenced priest. Again several priests cast various high level spells on Kronk, and to everybody’s relief the physical symptoms of evil tainted contagion disappear.

Except for a desire to see and hold the dagger one last time Kronk seems no worse for his brush with Evil. The temple of Pelor suggest that some time and distance between Kronk and the dagger would be wise, and suggests he leave town.

After 2 weeks of uneventful travel, just as they approach the village of Millborne in Haranshire the party is attacked by brigands. Some farmers the party just passed on road runs towards them for protection – or so it seemed. When reaching party they attack the party, trying to kill Tordek and knock Thorgrim unconscious while the brigands at the forest edge and Kronk discusses their differences with cold steel.

After Action Report

Kronk cured of Taint but misses his dagger. The black obsidian dagger is now in the care of the temple of Pelor in Hochoch.

On way to deliver magic reactants to the wizard Tauster in Thurmaster in the Haranshire the party is attacked by brigands just as the near the village of Millborne in Harenshire

1,386 xp total, Kronk, Thorgrim, and Tordek get 693 xp each.

  • Skill challenge to cure Kronk 600 xp
  • 1 human Guard @350 xp captured (Carlanis)
  • 3 human bandits @125 = 375 xp
  • 2 human rabble @ 31 = 61 xp


  1. -270 GP used on ale, food, and hiring a sage to solve skill challenge
  2. bandits equipment (bows swords leather chain etc) : 50-70 gp of goods (diplomacy to turn to cash)
Character Journal XP
Kronk 0 4,972
Thorgrim 1 4,972
Tordek 1 4,972
Thorovar 0 3,946
Grazye 1 3,631

(5 Journal entries in characters voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)

Caravan of Heroes Chapter 3: Good Riddance!

I met up with these folk while making my escape from an unpleasant castle in an even more unpleasant swamp. They seemed like a strong bunch and they had a Dwarf in their company so they can’t be that bad. Out of a feeling of comraderie and gratitude for their assistance, I decide to accompany them. After all, best to travel in a group in a place like this. They also had a guide!

We obtained two small boats, if you could call them that, and then madness grips us and we decide to travel further into the swamp! Almost immediately the smell worsened and two of our companions could not bear it, falling unconscious. I was not surprised that the spellcaster succumbed, but I could not believe the barbarian! Despite the warning signs and a couple close calls with erupting, flaming swamp gas, we pressed on into the swamp.

After some time, our guide suddenly became uneasy and complained about the water in the area. Kronk and Thorgrim seemed to be studying the area closely, over in their boat. I can’t see what their problem is. We’ve been traversing horrible, nasty water all this time. Why are they just noticing that now? I lower my everburning torch into the murky water to see if perhaps there is a large predator lurking… but see nothing unusual. The others insist there is something unnatural about this place, but I think it’s just their imagination. One of the fools even tried to fashion stilts to get a better look, earning himself a bath in the filth.

A short while later, we come across a massacre. There are lizard corpses everywhere in various states of disembowelment. Kronk searches for treasure among the bodies, but I immediately lose my appetite and avoid them. We eventually come to a giant wall of thorny bushes. Kronk devises a plan to use our boats as shields to walk over top of them, but as we approach closer we are attacked! Our guide is overwhelmed at this point and immediately flees into the swamp. The thorns prove ineffective against my plates, but my other companions are not so fortunate in their armor choice. After they suffer a number of spiked lashes, we manage to take down enough of the vegetation to pass through. I have a newfound respect for the half-orc after the encounter as he somehow manages to lay the vines prone and backstab them. I don’t care for all that dancing about, but I must admit I was impressed.

On the other side of the thorny wall we continued to a small island when suddenly a rock smashes into the other boat and sinks it. We all somehow make it onto the island without anyone else going for a swim but the rock was obviously tossed from somewhere nearby, so we prepare for battle. I put up my defenses not a moment to soon as we are charged by a horribly disfigured troll, shouting nonsense. The stupid weakened beast does not stand a chance against our more coordinated assault and flees into a hole that it had been digging before we arrived. I have had enough of this nonsense and filth, suggesting we just collapse the hole onto the damnable thing and leave this place. Thordek complies, easily caving in the unstable ground and burying the pitiful beast alive.

We scour the area for treasure, finding a small cache of weapons that are much too nice to have been in the hands of lizardmen. I don’t really care why the troll was digging or what happened to the lizards at this point. I just want out of this smelly mess. Finally, we head out with the intention of leaving the swamp entirely and head toward a dark spire on the horizon. We spend an uneventful night resting in the place before heading back to Hochoch. It may have been my imagination, but looking back into the swamp from the top of the tower I swear there was a faint glow in the distance.

When we arrive in Hochoch my companions make a report on their travels. Kronk is still not feeling well after falling into the swamp, so we also make a trip to the healer. Turns out the fool got himself cursed or some such! Unbelievable. I manage to talk them into reducing the fee for their service, but they could not even cure him properly. Now the group is already talking about heading up to the north now to deliver some magical item to a hermit wizard. I’m not fond of the idea of more adventure right now, but it can’t be any worse than being stuck in some army again so I continue to follow. I could really use a few weeks at an inn after this…


After Action Report

Kronk avoided “loosing his head” being cured of his Varguelle demon affliction at Pelor’s temple in Hochoch – cost of 200 gp (part of expence paid by Master Mage Astopopolous Arcanius). His hair is growing back, and his ears are back to normal (for him) size and less “wing like” and floppy.
Some evil still Taints Kronk, who gained Mild Contagion Taint “swimming” in polluted swamp at “Brown Scales” Lizzard men lair. Temple and Mages unsure what it is or what to do. Suggest avoiding further evil pollution in future. Effect of taint unknown.

Total 1000 xp, 333 each for Kronk, Thorgrim, and Tordek. (Grazye and Thorovar were overcome by swamp gasses and unconscious)

  • Navigating Swamp / Taint Skill Challenge – failed
  • Exploding swamp gas x2 @200 = 400 xp
  • Dagger Thorn Briar – 300 xp
  • Taint Afflicted Troll – 300 xp


  1. 75 GP of used weapons and armor looted from Lizard men looted from late Hochoch militia)
  2. Sold silver figurines for top $, 170gp
  3. Get-out-of-militia-free “pass” and travel papers to Harenshire (to the north) from Master Wizard Astropopolous
  4. TBD L4 common or uncommon magic item for Kronk (journal award) from Lizardmen lair
  5. Thorgrim paid 200 gp by Astropopolous for investigation (Kronk’s 200 went to Pelor, with extra paid by A, and late Godfrey gets honourable footnote in report)
Character Journal XP
Kronk 0* 4,279 *magic item TBD level 4 found
Thorgrim 1 4,279
Grazye 1 3,631
Tordek 1+ 4,279 Chronicler
Thorovar 0 3,946

(5 Journal entries in characters voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)

Caravan of heroes - Chapter 3: Where the heck are we?

Catching his breath, Kronk quickly scans the bodies of the slain lizardmen for cool stuff. All he finds are some strangely notched bones, which he pockets.

From another door come increasingly loud sounds of argument between two different (and strange) langauges. As the party ponders these things, a new set of enemies emerges – some hobgoblins and more lizardmen. Kronk and Thorgrin set-to with a sense of purpose, quickly beating them to a halt, and Thorgrin drops his Thunderstrike, felling everything around him in short order. From the room beyond, two new characters emerge, barely dressed and weaponless, and they proceed to arm themselves from the fallen as the combat continues. The newcomers soon insinuate themselves into the combat, and the enemy is defeated in short order.

Kronk and Thorgrin welcome a Goliath barbarian – Thorovar? and a Dwarf Knight – Tordeck and agree to travel together to get out of the keep.

Once everyone has caught their breath, the party heads up a spiral staircase, and comes upon a narrow door to the outside. Kronk opens the door, and lo – there is a man on a hippogriff, a crazed elf-looking knight, and two archers. Dashing right out to take advantage of surprise, Kronk hurls his dagger viciously at the elf-guy. The elf responds by running around Kronk and blocking the doorway where Thorgrin stands taking stock of the situiation.

Thorgrin tries repeatedly to push back the elf, who he now recognizes as the erstwhile half-elf Paladin from earlier adventures. The man is crazy as a loon, and heedless of his danger or injury. Kronk backs up to flank the ex-paladin, and between him and Throgrin, they succeed eventually in flattening him. Not before the hippogrif rider has zapped the party with a nasty ray of necromantic energy that halts them in their tracks.

Eventually, the party are able to emerge from the doorway and kill one of the archers – the other running to a nearby tower to snipe at the adventurers. The rider flies up behind the keep.

The goliath runs over to finish off the archers, who end up leaping from the tower in desparation, and the party reconvene to go up the keep to try and locate the hippogrif rider. They emerge into a small loft room, where a bizarre humanoid is connected to a model battleground with working automaton pieces such as trolls and knights. Kronk destroys the automaton, and they collect the silver pieces which are works of fine craftsmanship.

Emerging onto the balcony, the party is just in time to see the hippogriff some 450 yards away and flying ever more distant. Also in the distance across the swamp is the obsidian spire where they started some days ago.

After Action Report


  • Blackscale Bruiser Lizardman 250xp
  • Hobgoblin soldier 88xp
  • 2 x Hobgoblin Minions @38 = 72xp
  • Half-Elf Tomb Tainted Fallen Paladin 400xp
  • 3 x Hobgoblin archers (2 escaped but driven off bloodied) @ 150 = 450xp
  • (Wizard on hippogrif escapes unhurt – no joy)

Total gained 1260, 315 each for Kronk, Thorgrim, Tordak and Thorovar who are now at 3,631
Congratulations you have advanced (survived to?) to level 4!

Journal entries in characters voice (5 gets you pick of magic item @ level)
Kronk = 5 journal, 3,946 xp (next magic found is L4 common or uncommon of Kronk’s choice)
Thorgrim = 1 journal, 3,946 xp
Grazye = 1 journal, 3,631 xp
Tordak = 0 journal, 3,946 xp
Thorovar = 0 journal, 3,946 xp

Found “lost” equipment of new party members

  1. 17 high craftmanship silver figurines 10 gp each = 170
Caravan of heroes - Chapter 3: Escape from the muddy dungeon
Dec 22 (?)

inset amazing journal entry in characters voice here – collect 5 and get pick of magic

After Action Report
Searched flooded prison cells and found secret room with knock ritual – which took care of locked dungeon door. Rescued greenscaled Lizard man from brownscaled ones (now with party, armed with spear)

Slain: total 1350xp / 3 = 450xp each for Kronk, Thorgrim & Grayze

  • Spectre 175xp
  • Rotgrub swarm 175xp
  • swim / dive / unlock / find knock challenge 150xp
  • Lizard men ( 2 x brownscale hunters @200, Marsh Mystic @250, Brownscale Bruiser @250) = 900xp

Loot: several rituals engraved on bones – Grayze TODO RECORD RITUALS

Kronk and Thorgrim had 2714xp and has now gained 917, for a total of 3,631 each.
For simplicity and fairness we will assume Grayze and the soon to be encountere Mr. X will have the same :)
Only a 119 to go for 4th! You may wish to bring L4

Caravan of heroes - Chapter 3:Through the Tower Deeps
December 8th-15th

Shortly after arriving in the towers depths themselves, Kronk, Thorgrim and Godfrey hear an ominous sound, that of a another falling transit cube. Throwing themselves at the wall as quickly as possible, Godfrey fails to traverse the distance quickly enough, and falls under the weight of the cube with a sickening crunch. Waiting a moment to ensure that no further cubes were incoming, Kronk and Thorgrim approach the cube and cautiously activate the mechanism holding the cube together. As the walls fall apart, a rather confused looking Genasi emerged from it. Holding a rugged stick in hand, sparking with light, he introduces himself as Grayze, a follower of the natural ways. Making a swift decision, Thorgrim decides there’s no reason to not work with him until otherwise given reason and they decide to simply work their way out as quickly as possible.

By the light of the sparking wand, they notice a set of giant bronze doors to the west, adorned with friezes explaining the history of the region, they open the doors. Within the room, which they quickly realize is a crypt, they find mere brittle bones, and that of a man in a chair, with a crown on his head. Removing the crown from the head, the doors slam shut, and the bones animate. A series of ghostly guardians, dressed in some form of imperial regalia, arise from the grounds, and attack the party in the confined quarters. Due to luck and the liberal use of force, the skeletons were reduced to bones time after time, and one wraith removed from existence rather quickly. As the second wraith attempts to escape, Grayze’s lightning flow obliterates the wraith in the stone it stood in, removing its threat for the future.

After checking the room quickly, they determine the secret to the door and the animation spell, and escape through the doors with their prize: The Crown. Moving south through the corridor, they find a second room, small and seemingly a lab. With 2 suits of armor situated in the corners of the room, the party notices a glowing obsidian blade in the middle of the room. Interested in it, Grayze picks it up off the table and places it into a leather thong; which set off some latent enchantment on the Armor’s. As they animate, the doors yet again slam shut, sealing the group in the tiny lab. The armor however faces very little threat, and the armor is quickly disposed of.

Continuing down the Corridor, they come to a standing pool of water. A quick examination of the pool reveals the existence of a series of spikes at the bottom of the water. Knowing the dwarf would never be able to make the jump, kronk attempts a leap to a spiral staircase to the south-west, and barely lands with his hands holding onto the ledge. The moment his finger pass the threshold however, the portcullis above slams down, crushing his fingers and seemingly blocking the doorway. Activating a teleport power, Grazye teleports behind the portcullis and hefts it above is head, allowing Kronk to gain his feet, and throw a rope to Thorgrim, pulling him to safety.

Exploring the stairwell, they find door at the top of the entry; which quick examination reveals is magically sealed. Lowering the portcullis, the party settles in for a rest, somewhat content to know this area is atleast secure; if not safe.

After Action Report
Kronk is not feeling well, and is loosing his hair, making his ears seem big and leathery. He wish he was out of this muddy hole and in the sun.

Slain: Total XP 1400 / 3 = 467 for Kronk, Thorgrim & Grazye

  • Wraith 200xp
  • Phantom Warriors 2 × 350xp = 700
  • Decrepit skeletons 6x 25xp = 150
  • Animated Armor 2x 150xp = 300
  • porticulus trap / challenge = 50


  1. Ornate gold circlet, with 2 rubies (a 3rd missing – seach failed to locate), 100 + 2×500 = 1100 gp – Kronk
  2. Ritual(?) Magic Obsidian Dagger (strong but evil magic feel)+1 Lifedrinker L5 – Grazye
  3. Bag of 8 faintly magic beans, each with different small symbol – Thorgim
  4. Old rusty dented shield (not magic). Cleaning reveal silver inset “trifoil-knot” seen on bronze door archway – party decided it was shield of old Bissel Kings and kept it – Kronk

Journal entries in characters voice (5 gets you pick of magic item @ level)
Kronk 3
Thorgrim 2
Grazye 1

Caravan of heroes - Chapter 2: Journey through the Æther

(As remembered several months later by Kronk).

After fighting a Hippogrif and its rider, a bunch of hobgoblin soldiers started swarming in. We decided to pull back so we could launch a better attack later. Thorgrim used the scroll we had been given, and we jumped into the “rope trick”, and pulled the rope in after us, just in time to see the vile dogs gnashing in frustration!

We travelled through a weird silver fog until we got somewhere, and the spell expired, marooning us there. Then we found a strange room with a coffin, which we opened, and we found something. The room had weird coloured tiles, which we pieced together to make a cube, which we tavelled in to get out of the Æther. After a while, Thorgrin and Godfried (with much yelling) worked out how to open the cube and direct it, and we ended up somewhere else.

The End.


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