The Skymountain Cronicles

Nucturnal events at the inn, Tea with a Tea-Cart, Fog Hills
fog hills 2

There are several guests at the inn

  1. * An armoured half-elven knight with sword, shield leaning by wall. Surcoat and shield of white tower and golden sun. Talking to him you learn he is Lan Lightbringer, paladin of Pelor from Niole Dra. He is investigating the murder of melitia guard fort and the theft of arms from armory.
  2. * Young human lady with fine clothes, possibly a noble lady from her speach, with an older lady and a grizzeled greying man servant with a military bearin. Later you kearn they are Lady Rosaline (on her way to marry a mechant prince in Shiboleth, Missus Margereth her maid and former nanny (and chaparone), and her man servant / guard sgt Botari
  3. * An elven Lady in practical leather travel cloths – Mistress of a small caravan (3 carts of Elven fish oil going to Shiboleth), and her 6 drovers judging from whips in belts.
  4. * 4 Local farmers (one playing violin), and blacksmith (spoons) Sam Strongarm, and large youth flirting with elven lady
  5. * Rough fellow dark green tunic

The famed Heathermist Mead is as good as it’s reputation – later as the party sleeps soundly in their second story room, while the thunder rages, a loud disturbance wakes the party.

Lady Rosalin’s door has been kicked in, her 2nd stoty window forced open (with claw marks in wood work), and her self is missing. Her maid and guard are in a deep comatose slumber and not easily awoken. The door to the paladins room is also open, and the paladin missing (leaving his book of Pelor open on his bed side table)

The guard, sgt Bothari, will immediatly take up pursuit to rescue his charge – the adventurers decide to join.

Meanwhile, on the road, in the storm, a wet dwarf warden named Thorgrim has an encounter:

A dwarf walking through the stormy night was run off the road and nearly trampled by a mysterius rider. As he came to the thorb of Heathermist and the (much anticipated) Good Knights Rest inn, he discovered much frantic activity. Two guests, a noble (?) lady and a paladin, had been abducted earlier that evening. The inn keeper suggested asking the local wizard for help – a renowned scryer who once upon a time found a lost girl before the kobolds got her (also warning he did not like being disturbed, and had cursed and hurled lightning at some nosy local young men). The party, including a retainer of the lady, decided to try tracking the mysterious rider, but between the thunder storm and rain failed. The signs of recent battle in the forest, and north of forest, did cause some confusion until the Rogue and Warlord clearified thay had an altercation with some wolves and bandits earlier.

It was decided to seek the aid of the wizard. The Rogue and Warlord hoped the magical supplies they had commision to deliver as part of their newly started caravan bussiess would justify bothering the wizard. The party had some difficulties locating the wizards cottage in the forest, despite having been told to follow path in forest going west. Some tree climbing helped locate the path, which semi recent landscaping of bushes and trees had obscured from the road throgh the forest.

Despite a sign with dire warnings the party entered the clearing with the cottage. Tracks from a galloping mount crossed the clearng westward, but did not continue into the forest. The paty concluded some flying mount was involved – the dwarf realized that between the storm, dark, and billowing cloak, he was unsure if the mystrious rider was on a horse or winged mount, and if he was carrying an additional persons.
Investigatng the cottage they found it locked, and the rougue found the door trapped, getting flung back several feet from a powerfull electric blast, landing painfully on what turned out to be scattered bones and a scull. Some further investigation discovered a hole in the slate roof. Trying to climb to the roof the Rogue was grapped by some vigerous and vicious thron bushes around the cottage. A single powerful blow from the Avenger’s Mordencrad squashed the bush to a bulb, and the rogue sucessfully climbed to roof and entered a weather damaged bed chamber, with a lightning damaged bed directly under the hole in the roof. After slipping and falling from the roof (luckily only onto the squashed thorn bush, not the live one beside it) the Warlord decided to wait for rogue to open the front door from the inside.

The rogue cleverly disabled an alarm, left the bedroom, and went to the front door through a parlor which obviously had been “tossed”, books laying on floor. He opened door with some trepidation but no harm – except a bell going off. As the party entered a talking teacart entered the parlor, pleased that master finally was up and ready for tea. Things were turning ugly, the tea cart feeling panicy and believing the party was up to no good. Despite this (and despite the “help” of the rogue), the warlord managed to convince the cart that they were trying to help the wizard, who may have suffered some mishap. While the cart was distracted the rogue “borrowed” a magic cloak he found, leaving his own in place.

Having some tea and talking to the cart, the party concluded that

something bad had happened to the wizard some months ago,
the wizard had been engaged in research on how to cure vampirism in order to cure his daughter,
He rarely had visitors, but occassionally he did have clients consuting him for his services, usually scrying, and
a an unknown person had visited the last day the wizard had moorning tea.

Proceding to investigate, carefuly watched by the tea-cart, the party was lead to Master’s Study – a stout iron door behind a tapestry in the bed room.
While the party prudently wathed from the other room the rogue found a pittrap in front of the door – by falling in. Luckily his fall was broken by a broken body already in the pit. Unluckily the body burst releasing a swarm of spiders. The quick and nible rogue climbed to the top of the pit just ahead of the swarmy doom. Luckily the party managed to open the trap door just as the swarm made it to the rogue whom they pulled out of pit, slamming the trapdoor on several spiders, before the swarm could make it out.

The party decided the wizard and his trapped cottage was not germane to finding the missing lady and half-elf paladin. Leaving the cottage thay found the storm had stopped with the comming of dawn. Climbing another tree their attention was drawn west past the edge of the forrest to the hills floating like island in a sea of mist rolling in from the march to the north.
Based on the abruply ending tracks, the party concluded the mystrious rider had flown from the clearing to the hills, and decided to invesitgate the hills.

While walking through the fog to the hills the party was surpriced by a group og hobgoblins, whom they quickly dispatched.
Walking up-hill out of the mist they found themselves on one of 7 smaller hills surrounding a larger hill with several stones on it. Reintering the mist they walked towards the larger hill to investigate. As emerged from the fog a flight of arrows from up-hill hit several members of the party. Charging uphill among the standing stones they fought 10 hobgoblins, and the enemy archers caused much damage to the party. After a great battle the party was victorieous, with only one hobgoblin managing to escape into the mist. Sgt Bothari (the ladys retainer) was clearly discusted by his own poor performance, muttering something about not being as young as when he fought with the legions of Keoland.

Invesigating the standing stones, a secret entrance into the hill (a barrow down according to Thorgrim) was found, and the party eagerly decended down a steep ladder made of stone. After following a decending narrow 4’ tall spiralling tunnel dug out of the earth, root tendris trailing across their faces like ghostly fingers, a round door of stout oaken planks, like the end of a barrel, was found inserted in an arch of rough clay briks. Opening the door by pushing, pulling, or picking of non existant lock proved impossible. Luckily it easly rolled to the side, at which point there was loud rumbly noises from the tunnel behinfd the party. The party enered into a 20f long 5’ tall arched tunnel of old brick with a similar door at end, and rough uneven flagstone floor. When they tried to open the door at the other end, the door behind them rolles shut, several brickes popped out of ceiling, and water started to pour in! It was obvious to rogue as he tried opening it, that the door at the end was no door at all, just planks in the back wall. Goodfrey with a a supreme display of strength ripped out the door behind them saving the party from drowning like rats. Investigating the party found a trap door under a flag stone – greatly helped by the water draiing down around it. At the bottom of a pit filled with water, a water tight bronze door could be seen. When the water drained the party decended bronze rungs in the wall into the 10f diameter pit. Opening the door they found a 15×115 room with 5 zombies. One zombie started pounding the door at the back of the room. As the boom boom boom reveberted, the other 4 zombies attacked. With great daring doo the rogue leap into the room, attacking two zombies at once – dropping one with a head shot and gravely injuring another. Retrating to the doorway guarded by Thorgrim, the party fought off the zombies bearly taking a scratch in the process. As the last zombie dropped, the door at the back of room swung open on squaky hinges, pushed by a clawed hand.

Dhu dhu dho!

Skymountain Chrinicles Adventure Log!
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Skymountahin Cronicles, Book I Caravan of heroes
Chapter 1: Fog hills

Kronk the half-orc rogue and his friend Godfrey, a pair of up-and-coming youngsters to notice, are invited to lunch by Master Cob a caravan master in Shiboleth. Master Cob is an old family friend, and in the last couple of years he let Kronk and Godfrey train with his caravan guards.

They learn that the rumours of caravans attacked and killed to a man are true – lately several caravans taking the western route to Hochoch have failed to arrive, and there are signs of battle at the dangerous stretch of road through Dim Forest where the forest and northern part of Rusmoore meet (always a favourite site for robbers). A large double strength caravan with extra guards and militia was the last to go missing, and the western caravan route north of Rushmoore is essentially closed.

Caravan to Hochoch (minor quest):
Master Cob, wants a waggon of furniture and other goods taken to Hochoch for a friend of his, a former adventuring partner and wizard who has been offered a position at the famed Tower of Wizardry in Hochoch. Lately goblinoids in Dim forest has attacked caravans caravan on the route north of Rushmoors. An old route south of Rushmoors, abandoned many years ago when Rushmoors grew after the Skymountain Cataclysm, should still be be passable. Travel SW to start of Sheldomar river to small village of Heathermist, then west along old caravan trail south of Rushmoors

Some brilliant negotiations by Godfrey makes Master Cob agree to pay 180 gp for delivery to Hochoch, and throws in the wagon – you think he might be humouring you like a friendly uncle impressed by your chutzpah. He gives you a letter in code, and say to present it to caravan guild in Hochoch with the goods to get pay.

In order to afford 3 mules and food, party borrows 20 gp from Master Cob. Kronk also manages to sell 10 gold pieces of shares in their newly formed caravan company – guess there is one born every minute.

Magic Delivery Service
After Kronk and Godfrey accepted job, Cob offers chance to make monies. His friend the Wizard Baltazhar the Brown has request from his college and study pall Thomas the Thaumaturge for magical supplies (has list). Thomas lives in woods north of Heathermist. He will pay 250gp on delivery. Cob offers guild membership if delivery and southern caravan route opened. This is happily accepted.

With good use of skills, and the help of a magicians apprentice, Kronk and Godfrey collect the magical components on list – Kronk even finds some at zero cost! What luck.

On the road again
The party takes passage on a river barge on it’s way to pick up honey an mead from the head waters of the Sheldomar river. After travelling SW to the head waters of Sheldomar river you proceed along rutted dirt road. Once it was paved with the distinctive hexagonal pavement stones of Keoland, but now many are missing and road in ill repair after winters and flooding from the swam north of the road. Mist and fog drifting in from Rushmoor is common, especially at night. As mist from swamp is blowing south across road, and evening approaches, the road turns south towards a small wood. The walls of an abandoned burned farmhouse is by the side of the road (not recent). As it gets darker and the mist heavier, you hear the sound of wolves howling from the south, and the mules are scared and unmanagable. The party sets up camp in the ruin, but is attacked by wolves, which they easily drive off the wolves killing 2 before the rest run away – and the mules are unhurt. Then a terrible winter/spring storm with thunder and sleet breaks, and they decide to continue to Heatermist rather than sleep in the rain / sleet without a roof.

Making their way through he woods they are attacked by not particularly competent bandits, who are instructed by their Hobgoblin leader to get it right “take their lives, not just gold”. After a murderous fight the party prevails, and loot the brigands, who all but the leader had gold, not just the silver and cobber one would expect.

Finally late at night, having travelled south through in the road through the small forrest, they see the friendly light from windows through the sleet and rain, and hear singing and music. A small cluster of houses sit where the road fork. A surprisingly large two story Elizabethan half timber building has a sign with a white helmet sideways on a blue pillow, and with peeling gilded letters proclaiming it “The good knights rest”. Despite the timeworn appearance and obvious sign of having seen better days, there is a friendly air about the place, with sounds of laughter and music from inside.

You have arrived at “The good knights rest” – the old caravan inn of the long unused south-of-Rushmoor caravan route, and are greeted by Hob Hebbinford, the inn keeper, while locals and guests a like give soaked travel worn party curious looks.

Combat tally
Travel to Heathermist for Kronk and Godfrey

  • skill challenge getting magical components from list =100 xp,
  • wolf attack 3 @ 125 xp = 375
  • Bandits (hobgob commander 200, bandit 125, 3 lackeys @ 75) = 550
    total 1025 = 512 each

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