The Skymountain Cronicles

The Evils of Haranshire: Peril on the River


From Tordek’s Journal: Magic Powder
As if we haven’t made the return trip to visit Tauster enough times, we needed a vial of magic powder to complete the magical item for the goblins. We made it back to Baron Carman with little problem, but on the way back Thorgrim noticed something in the water, which turned out to be a messenger crow. I don’t know how he ever saw it at such a distance. Not only that, but Kronk was able to retrieve the water logged note from it, still intact.

Before we were able to fully gather our wits with this new problem, a hail of arrows and fire rain down on the boat, with one hitting me square in the eye! I couldn’t see a thing and I didn’t want to be hit again, so I jump into the water. It turns out Thorgrim had the same idea and it turned out to be a good one. We dispatch what turns out to be a zombie under the boat and I am able to use the time to recover my strength.

We storm out onto the shore into a right mess. Bolts of magic and wood are flying every which way. The tides turn now that we are in melee, but we are unable to catch the spell caster. I hear a shout about Oleanna being injured. It’s at this point that I notice that the Deva that was with us is now gone, and so is our boat. Rushing to help stop Oleanna’s bleeding, I realize that my companions make up for their amazing skills with some piss poor ones. I admit I could not help either, but somehow under all the scraps we bound around her wounds, she continues to breathe.

After we drop off the Druid with Kuiper and finally deliver the magical powder, I go with Kronk to scout the forest for the missing mage. We come up with no useful information and return just in time to meet up with Thorgrim and Tauster on his way to the Count’s keep for dinner.

- Tordek

After Action Report

  • Party is bringing Residium from Baron Carman to Tauster, after trading Ring to Carman.
  • Party discovers dead Crow in river with message from Tauster asking for help – apparently he is not paranoid, someone is spying / scrying him.
  • Party is ambushed and nearly dies, with the Nameless Deva disappearing.
  • Oleanna and her wolves saves party, who in turn saves Oleanna from dying at the very last second. Some of attackers escape, 2 archers / brigands do not.
  • Tauster has guard dogs, and is protected by Torgrim while working on magic picknic basket.
  • Oleanna, Kuiper, and rest of party follows bandit tracks towards North-Center part of woods, but no sign of lair or missing Deva.
  • Tauster and party are invited to dinner at Count Palfrey’s by his son Lyntern

Total 775, split Kronk, Thorgrim & Tordak = 258 each

  1. 2 bandits @125 = 250 xp
  2. 1 zombie = 125 xp
  3. driving off bandits (minor quest) 200 xp
  4. save Oleanna (minor quest) 200 xp


  1. 8 sp, 23 coppers
  2. 2 short bows
Character Journal XP Total
Kronk 0 5,842 + 258 = 6,100
Thorgrim 1 5,842 + 258 = 6,100
Tordek 1+1=2 5,062 + 258 = 5,320

(5 Journal entries in character’s voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)



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