The Skymountain Cronicles

The Evils of Haranshire: Mystery of the New Mire


Add journal entry here in characters voice – 5 entries gets choice of magic @ level

After Action Report

  • Party searches for clues regarding the growing New Mire
  • Party is attacked by Worg and saves farmer and his son who were helping them investigate.
  • That evening in the small farming hamlet of Harlaton they learn of mysterious blue giants seen by a shepherd / bard wanna-be.
  • Locates hidden lair of goblins with blue painted faces and tattoo (circle with two wavy lines). Goblins are lawful cowards, borderline starved because they are too afraid to bother local humans. Their Sherman has magic ring (same as tattoo symbol) which may be cause of mire.
  • Party surprisingly do not kill any goblins (Kronk missed ambush shot) and makes agreement to trade ring for food generating magic.
  • Tauster the wizard confirms ring is of water elemental command, but has flaw and slowly leaks water onto prime material plane. Party wants Tauster to make food creating magic item to trade between goblins and Carman for ring (pointing out a controlled water leak can be a boon for farming).
  • Baron Carman agrees to measure New mire over next few weeks and if shrinking pay 1000gp bonus.

Total 1750 xp. Shared by Kronk, Thorgrim & Tordek: 583 each

  1. Worg 400 xp
  2. Level 5 goblin encounter 1150 xp
  3. Minor Quest bonus for non-evil characters not slaying harmless goblins 200 xp


  1. Malfunctioning ring of water elemental command
Character Journal XP Gained XP Total
Kronk 0 583 5,842
Thorgrim 1 583 5,842
Tordek 1 583 5,062
Nameless Deva 1 0 4,330
Thorovar 0 0 3,946

(5 Journal entries in characters voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)

Kronk and Thorgrom have advanced to 5th level



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