The Skymountain Cronicles

The Evils of Haranshire: Kidnapping on the Moors


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After Action Report

  • At Count Palfrey’s party, the party ;-) is introduced to: Stammel Count P’s Master at arms, and Lafayer, a stout, greying (but still hardy) travelling cleric of Pelor
  • Palfrey do not want his son Lyntern to go “gallivanting on adventurers” – Lyntern does, and resent he was not allowed to go on patrol out to meet pilgrims coming / fleeing from Ket (Lafayer is waiting for same Pilgrims to take them to temple in Hochoch)
  • Party is invited to Palfrey’s study with Tauster and Lafayer for brandy and a pipe – amd to tell about their adventures.
  • Party discover the Palfreys think they are rightful heirs to the old throne of Bissel, and that the shield and (damaged) crown found in the crypt of sunken keep in Rushmoor swamp by Kronk & Thorgrim may be lost heirlooms of the old king. Palfrey offers to purchase for 1500 gp, but Thorgrim would rather have a magic weapon +1. Palfrey agrees and asks them to see his master at arms in morning at the armoury.
  • Party parties with Lyntern (after he helps out Raugh, a man at arms on guard duty), and Kronk suggests that while they can’t take him adventuring against his fathers wish, if they should happen to meet up, they would feel honour bound to offer Lyntern whatever help they can.
  • That night an injured horse from patrol shows up at gate. Lyntern tells gate guard to wake master at arms and get patrol and the heroes to follow him, then takes of like one possessed across northern moors.
  • Party and men at arms follows Lyntern who follows a blood trail, and finds the slain men of the patrol on Howlers Moor. Kronk finds a mysterious last message written in blood on one of shields: “Taken alive by redhead
  • Proceeded by howls, the party is attacked by fiery Hell-hounds. Raugh nearly gives his life saving Lyntern, who to everybody‚Äôs surprise, most of all his own, heals him, and later Kronk with new found Paladin Powers. The party is victorious and manage to prevent Lyntern from dying – indeed it is likely Kronk would have died without Lyntern’s aid.
  • Gravely wounded master at arms Stammel begs party to bring Lyntern back alive when the wounded and unconscious men at arms have to return to Palfrey keep while Lyntern insists on saving the abducted pilgrims with or without them.

Total 1200, split Kronk, Thorgrim, Tordak & Lyntern = 300 each

  1. 3 Hellhounds @ 300 = 900 xp
  2. 2 Gravehound @ 150 = 200 xp
  3. Lyntern becomes a Paladin (quest) 100 xp


  1. none
Character Level Journal XP Total Magic GP
Kronk 5 Rogue 0 6,100 + 300 = 6,400 L2 cloak of resistance +1, L4 Master’s Blade Dagger +1 ?
Thorgrim 5 Warden 1 6,100 + 300 = 6,400 L8 Heavy Shield of Defiance, 2x L5 Potion of Healing ?
Tordek 5 Knight 2 5,320 + 300 = 5,620 L4 Crystal Plate +1, L3 Safewing Amulet +1, ???Shield of Deflection 150
Lyntern 1 Pladin (NPC) NA 0 + 300 = 300

(5 Journal entries in character’s voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)

Tordek has advanced to 5th level!



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