The Skymountain Cronicles

The Evils Of Haranshire: Creeping Along Hog Brook


Add journal entry here in characters voice – 5 entries gets choice of magic @ level

After Action Report

  • Oleanna will track Orcs, but asks a fox to show party where it saw Maxim the Werebear hiding
  • Party and Kuiper finds wounded Maxim and subdues him (among bodies of dead orc’s that attacked him), then Kuiper returns him to parents farm (he changed to boy that morning).
  • Party returns to Millborne and learns of New Mire.
  • Lord Carman asks them to investigate New Mire (as favor they owe him). Gives room and board for 2 weeks at inn, and 10 gp for expences. He wants written report at end, with recomendations. Offers 1000gp for actually solving problem

Total 250 xp for subduing but not hurting (much) the Boy Werebeeer Maxim. Shared by Kronk, Thorgrim, Tordek ( and Kuiper): 63 each


  1. 10 gp for expenses
  2. Room and board for 2 weeks
Character Journal XP Gained XP Total
Kronk 0 63 5,259
Thorgrim 1 63 5,259
Tordek 1 63 4,479
Nameless Deva 1 0 4,330
Thorovar 0 0 3,946

(5 Journal entries in characters voice gets you pick of magic item @ level)



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