The Skymountain Cronicles

Swimming in Necrotic Efluvium

fog hills 4

Copied from original post by Dimonic

April 29, 2011 09:26
Deep below the earth’s surface, the party emerges into a dark, octagonal chamber. Searing flashes burn brutal images upon our retinas as we take in the scene. The chamber is chest deep in putrescent fluid. In the centre is a greasy plinth on which is chained a fair elf maid who moans softly. High above her suspended by chains, a figure clad in plate mail writhes and screams piteously. Lightning courses through the chains at intervals, and the screams rise to a cacophony. Across the nacreous pool is a scaffold upon which all manner of arcane and alchemical retorts bubble and hiss, casting a fitful glow into the stygian gloom.

Expecting surprise, Thorgrim immediately tosses in a fresh sunrod, which sinks below the bubbling surface and illuminates some vile horrors that undulate beneath. Kronk prepares his grappling hook, and Altek rushes in. Kronks throw catches the hook high in the chains above, and he swings heroically across the chamber to land safely on the scaffolding on the far side. Altek slips in the slime, and slithers to a halt some 10 feet in. An evil voice echoes in the chamber, saying “What enemies have entered my chamber? My 300 year plans must proceed. Destroy them!”.

First Skeletons emerge from the pool, then Zombies. Lightning crashes around us and into us as we struggle to defeat the undead monsters while keeping our heads above the filth. Insidious voices whisper in our minds enticing us to attack our fellows, but we resist. The combat rages back and forth, and Godfrey becomes cut off from the rest as a portcullis drops in front of him in the entrance passage. Kronk leaps back into the vile pool as the combat rages, and in spite of fresh skeletons emerging at intervals from the slime, the party prevails. Using his eagle-eyed vision, Thorgrim espies a disturbance in the murk close to the scaffolding. On warning the party, Altek swings out and plunges into the depths sword first, and crashes into a hitherto invisible foe – contained in a large glass jar!

Kronk follows up, and shortly Kronk and Altek are vigourously engaged in untrained brain surgery. In short order, the evil Brian is destroyed, and the party rescues the lady and the paladin. During the rescue, the paladin begs to be slain, which we refuse. He says he has been defiled, and certainly, the large symbol of Pelor on his breastplate has been burnt out in a most frightning manner. During a short rest, the party recovers its wind, and buoyed by our successes, we decide to investigate further.

Dm combat summary:

  • 6 zombies
  • 6 skeletons
  • 1 Offelian (snake like undead construct)
  • 1 Brain in Jar (Herr doctor Brin’n’jar von Totenkopff – call me Brian)



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