The Skymountain Cronicles


I… uh… guess I need a bit of practice with my throwing hammers, Thragen. I think I killed Kronk. He just moves so suddenly! It would have probably hit the snake if he didn’t dodge right under it. Wait. Wha… where is that gobl… huh?? Is it suicidal?? Did you see that?! Right off the cliff, I swear it, look down there! It landed right on the snake.

Hey… HEY! Put that thunderbrew down, this is serious. Thorgrim seems to be fleeing from the demons. No… he’s running to Kronk… I’m in trouble now. Wait, what’s he doing? Is Kronk… getting up? He’s alive! He’s… oh crap, he’s looking at me is what he’s doing. Maybe he won’t remember. I’ll deny it, blame it on the gnolls. There’s no way he… he picked up the hammer. Now he’s heading for the rope. I’m sure he’ll forgive me. I didn’t mean it!

Hey… Kronk, buddy, pal. Glad you’re OK! Thanks for bringing me my haa…

—Last words of Tordek



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