The Skymountain Cronicles

Inside Fog Hills

fog hills 3

Having entered the larger central of the 7 burrial mounds, and getting trapped by a cave(dirt?)-in, the party fight several zombies.

Then 2 ghouls and several skeletons enter the small chamber – the stench is debilitating in the tight quarters.

Meanwhile a fellow adventurer named Altek, awakens after musteriously falling asleep – just as a dark rider was charging at him on the moors. Finding him self in the damp dark underground, partially burried in wet dirt, to his horror he finds someone thrwing more dirt on his face, working to complete his entombment. Fighting off the miscevipus tomb-mote, he follows the sound of battel, and find the party fighting ghouls and skeletons while kobold-zombies labours obliviously away tunneling and dragging unearthed bones to a central chamber.

Togther the adventurers dispatch the skeletons and 2 ghouls, then follow the labouring undead kobolds.

Combat tally
Wizards Cottage and fog hills for Kronk, Godfrey, Thorgrim and Bothari (NPC)

  • Door trap L1 100 xp
  • Vine at wizards cottage 300 xp
  • Teacart homumculus L3 150 xp
  • Pit Trap L1 100 xp
  • Fog Hill bugbears 4 * grunts and archers @ 38+150xp = 752
  • Water trap 400 xp
  • 4 zombie brutes @ 175 = 700
    2502 xp = 625 each

Fog Hills Ghouls for Kronk, Godfrey, Thorgrim, and Altek (Bothari unconsious)

  • Tomb Mote 38 xp
  • sodden ghoul 175 xp, stench ghoul 500 xp = 675 (reduce by 1 level, but full xp since hard to hit for party)
    713 = 178 each

So, Kronk and Godfrey has 1,315 xp each
For accounting and game convenience we will assume Thorgrim and Altek started with enogh xp that their current total is….also 1315 :-P

  • 4 zombies
  • stench and sodden ghoul, w 4 skeletons
  • tomb-mote


Chronicle One “Caravan of Heroes”
Chapter 1, Fog Hills.

Where our intrepid adventurers have started a small (one cart, 3 donkeys) caravan business, and are traveling West with goods from Siboleth to Hochoch, with a side job to deliver magical supplies to a local wizard.
When we left off, a mysterious disappearance of a lady and a paladin happened during the night while staying at an old caravan inn in a small thorb – this after an eventful days travel with attack by wolves and later highwaymen that seemed more interested in you lives than your money.

In a traditional begining, Kronk and Godfrey meet at an Inn, where a likely patron approaches them with a job to find magical components for a shipment to a Wizard friend of his.

The patron agrees to cover costs of finding these resources.

Kronk enlists the help of a young apprentice from the local Mages guild, and proceeds to educate the youngster in the fine art of “getting things done”, Kronk style. Good progress is made, and Kronk proves either a previously undiscovered talent of persuasion, or just gets lucky. They often obtain the necessary ingredients at or below cost. Obviously (to Kronk) the Patron is billed the full market price, and as agreed Kronk shares his profits with the young apprentice. With his profits, Kronk is able to improve his equipment a little, and purchase a sturdy donkey to make travel easier.

The pair then undertake to deliver said goods to the Wizard who apparently dwells in or near Heathermist. They accompany a caravan (one wagon) and begin the journey. On the first day, they are attacked by wolves, which they handily defeat. A day later, bandits led by a Hobgoblin are also swiftly defeated. Eventually they arrive at an Inn in the village of Heathermist, where they stay the night. A cloaked outdoorsman lurks in a corner, a beautiful half-elf lady presides over one group, along with a fully armed Paladin. Kronk, Godfrey enjoy a good supper. Kronk decides to bed down in the stables near his donkey – Rocinante. Godfrey takes a room. In the night, there is a commotion, and Godfrey leaves his room just in time to see the Paladin dash into the half-elf woman’s room. After an ensuing crash, an investigation begins. The half-elf’s room is empty, the window open, and there are signs of a struggle. The woman and the paladin are missing. Meanwhile, a dwarven traveler by the name of Thorgrim is approaching Heathermist when he is nearly ridden down by a humanoid rider. Picking himself up, he makes it to the Inn and discovers the commotion going in. Eventually he introduces himself to Kronk and Godfrey, and they decide to join forces to deliver the goods and investigate the mystery.

That morning, (after Kronk and Thorgrim fortify themselves with vittles and drink) they set off on the trail. The trail runs cold in the woods, but after bactracking, and climbing a tree, Kronk discovers a hidden side trail. The side trail runs to a clearing where they find the wizard’s cottage. Lacking much in the way of perception, Kronk assays the door and gets shocked for his troubles. Literally. Around back, they discover a sizeable hole in the roof, and Kronk goes to climb in. Again his poor vision betrays him into a patch of living vines. Cutting himself free, he gains the wall and climbs in through the hole in the roof. The place has beed ransacked. Kronk helps his colleagues in, and they survey the place. Once again, Kronk tumble to a trap – but fortunately avoids the bugs that swarm out of a corpse lying there.

Shortly after, they discover the lone survivor in the cottage – a homonculous who Godfrey pursuades to cooperate with the party. A really neat cloak is found, which Godfrey dons, and some books give clues as to the late occupants’ line of research. Soon the party is on their way again, following in the tracks of the mysterious rider.

Beyond the woods, the ground becomes rolling hills – with what can only be discribed as barrows crowning some of the hills. At the crest of one hill, a circle of standing stones appears to be the destination of the horseman. The party approaches to discover that the hill is held by a cluster of creatures.

A line of soldiers attempt to block approach while archers under cover of the stones shoot the party. Kronk charges straight uphill, avoiding the soldiers and engaing two of the archers immediately. Thorgrim plows straight in, and a short fight ensues. The archers are quickly rendered ineffective by the direct tactics of Kronk and his allies, and soon the hilltop is uncontested. In the midst of the standing stones, an underground entrance way is discovered.

Inside Fog Hills

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