The Skymountain Cronicles

Caravan of heroes - Chapter 2: Journey through the Æther

(As remembered several months later by Kronk).

After fighting a Hippogrif and its rider, a bunch of hobgoblin soldiers started swarming in. We decided to pull back so we could launch a better attack later. Thorgrim used the scroll we had been given, and we jumped into the “rope trick”, and pulled the rope in after us, just in time to see the vile dogs gnashing in frustration!

We travelled through a weird silver fog until we got somewhere, and the spell expired, marooning us there. Then we found a strange room with a coffin, which we opened, and we found something. The room had weird coloured tiles, which we pieced together to make a cube, which we tavelled in to get out of the Æther. After a while, Thorgrin and Godfried (with much yelling) worked out how to open the cube and direct it, and we ended up somewhere else.

The End.



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