The Skymountain Chronicles

The town of Shiboleth is a major tradeing and caravan town in Grand March, a satrapcy of the Kingdom Of Keoland to the south.

The infamous huge Rushmore swamp is a short distance to the West, as is the all but impassable Dim Forest north of the Swamp. Further West past the swamp, is the Grand Dutchy of Geoff with the river city of Hochhoch at its borders. North is Bissel, a former vassal state of Keoland from when Keoland was at the height of its power. Even further north across the mountains is the evil principality of Ket, part of the northern Caliphate-Sultante empire. East is the Dutchy or Ulek, also part of Keoland.

Shiboleth is a trading city, sitting at the most northern part of the Sheldomar river which runs south through Keoland, all the way to the great Azure sea to the south. A combination of caravans and river shipping ply the trade routes north to Hookhill in Bissel, east to Waybury in the Dutcy of Ulek, west to Hochhoch in the Grand Dutch of Geoff, and south to Niole Dra, the famed capital of Keoland.

The Skymountain Cronicles

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